Dukas: Piano Sonata in E-Flat Minor - Barraqué: Piano Sonata



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performer(s) » Françoise Thinat


The two works brought together somewhat arbitrarily in this album are like the reflection of a very agitated, very fecund period, when the word of a great philosopher or a great musician carried weight that is unimaginable nowadays. The word ‘sonata’ covered multiple meanings for Dukas who explained himself during his revision of Scarlatti’s works: neither he nor Jean Barraqué gave it that of an academic study. Beethoven’s teaching, said Monsieur Croche, ‘was not to preserve the old forms […] We must look through windows open to the sky.’
Françoise Thinat

Track list

Disc 1
Paul Dukas Piano Sonata in E-Flat Minor: I. Modérément vite - Expressif et marqué
Paul Dukas Piano Sonata in E-Flat Minor: II. Calme - Un peu lent - Très soutenu
Paul Dukas Piano Sonata in E-Flat Minor: III. Vivement - Avec légèreté
Paul Dukas Piano Sonata in E-Flat Minor: IV. Très lent
Disc 2
Jean Barraqué Piano Sonata: I.
Jean Barraqué Piano Sonata: II.


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