Bousch: Chants d’espaces



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Composer and teacher, François Bousch (born in 1946) was the student of Betsy Jolas, Claude Ballif, Jean-Pierre Guézec and Olivier Messiaen, amongst others. A resident of the Villa Médicis in Rome, he began a ‘fruitful relationship’ there with Giacinto Scelsi. Like Monsieur Jourdainmaking prose without knowing it, this artist, a poet-improviser, was an unknowing precursor of what would become ‘spectral music’. To this end, it should be pointed out that, beginning in 1976, François Bousch composed a spectral score baptised Souffle de vie-lumière for large orchestra. In its wake, like the remarks of composers of the ensemble L’Itinéraire (collective to which he belonged from its founding), his principal credo presided over the skilful ‘sculpture’ of sound matter rather than a mere juxtaposition of more or less heterogeneous materials. Besides, the composer likes to confidethat, to him, his music often seems closer to ‘matter’ than to ‘material’, favouring the ‘constituent’ rather than the ‘constituted’.
Pierre Albert Castanet

Track list

François Bousch Wei Tsi
François Bousch Chants d’espaces
François Bousch Infini(s) silence(s)
François Bousch Vâyu
François Bousch Dualité-Miroirs


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